Blain Hydraulic single-coil lift solenoid valve

Specifications and brief description of single-coil solenoid valve tork hydraulic design

Blain Hydraulic valve KV1P

Specifications of Blain KV1P

It works hydraulically
For the lift
Number of coils
Single coil
Insulation class
AC, DC and Ip68 voltages
Pressure Range
8-100 bar
Burst Pressure
500 bar
Blain Germany
Tork Hydraulic

Explained Blain KV1P

Brief explanation KV series valves are designed for home hydraulic lifts and small passenger elevator applications. Easy adjustment The valves are compact and simple in design. They are tested and adjusted according to customer specifications in the factory. Fine adjustment can be done quickly on site if necessary. Moving upwards The maximum upward speed with soft stop is 0.16 m / s. Soft start up is set by default.
The maximum downward speed is 0.16 m / s. The soft downward start is adjustable. Soft soft stop is set by default.

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