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Tork Hydraulic lift solenoid valve  

Blain Hydraulics design (Germany)

Tork Hydraulics is the first manufacturer of single-coil elevator solenoid valve model KV1P and double-coil solenoid valve model KV1S designed by Germany BLAIN in Iran.
In terms of safety, reliability and quality of Blain Tork hydraulic lifting solenoid valve is of great importance.
In 2021, we succeeded in supplying the hydraulic lift solenoid valve to different countries, guaranteeing its safety and quality.

Blain / KV1S

How to use, settings and hydraulic circuit of KV1-S Tork hydraulic double coil valve

Before using for proper installation and operation of single-coil and double-coil Tork hydraulic lifting solenoid valves, be sure to read the manual and safety instructions so as not to endanger the safety of the system and make sure.
Blain KV1S Guide

Blain /KV1P

How to use, settings and hydraulic circuit of KV1-P Tork hydraulic single coil 

Necessary instructions for ease of use of Tork hydraulic single-coil solenoid valve

Blain KV1P Guide

KV1P control valve

German Blain design single-coil Tork Hydraulic valves are designed and manufactured for hydraulic lifts. The KV1P single-coil solenoid valve is suitable for lifts with low stop and low capacity stations.

Types of mechanical valves for small Blain hydraulic lifts

Blain KV-Series
KV1P - Valve for controlling the movement of various hydraulic systems of lifts, loads, personnel carrier and industrial elevators
KV1S - Magnetic control valve for hydraulic systems, small hydraulic elevators, industrial elevators

KV1S control valve

German Blain valves are designed and manufactured with two coils Tork Hydraulic for small and industrial hydraulic elevators and hydraulic lifts. The KV1S two-solenoid valve is suitable for lifts and Personnel carrier with low stopping and low capacity.

Lift warranty conditions

To enjoy the warranty service period of Tork hydraulic products, it is necessary to provide the purchase invoice with the serial number of the product.

Any physical changes, including breakage, scratches, deformation, rust, burns, damage during transport, damage from power fluctuations are not covered by warranty service.

Warranty and warranty on Tork hydraulic lifting solenoid valve

All Tork hydraulic products, including single-coil solenoid valve model KV1P and double-coil solenoid valve model KV1S model Blain and other store products are guaranteed for repair and replacement for two years from the time of purchase and have after-sales service. The start time of the warranty period for Tork hydraulic products and after-sales service of each product is equal to the date of the invoice issued by Tork hydraulic and the registration of the purchase invoice by the customer at /

online sell / Lift solenoid valve

Online sales of solenoid valve products (Blain design) Tork hydraulic

The Tork pneumatic hydraulic store has been serving customers for many years with a reputation, and for the customer's sense of security and satisfaction, it is trying to order and purchase online products of hydraulic lifting solenoid valve with Blain design in Germany in favorable conditions. In case of any problems, "after-sales service" will be at your service. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

To buy online single-coil and double-coil Tork hydraulic solenoid valves, refer to Buy a lift solenoid valve and after depositing money, contact the store, and you will receive your goods free of charge and by mail within a maximum of 3 days.

Buy a lift solenoid valve

Types of Tork hydraulic solenoid valves

In addition to the KV1P single-coil lift solenoid valves and the KV1S Tork hydraulic two-coil lifting valves, other types of solenoid valves such as: parallel cross-section solenoid valve, center H, single-coil cross-section H, parallel cross-section, L-series open center, parallel excitation cross-section Manual, P offers manual excitation package, open middle cobbler, parallel cross position, parallel cross section of hydraulic crack memory, Tork seat package, etc. in different inches and voltages to its customers.

Production of lift solenoid valve

Tork Hydraulic is proud of it since 1399 with the mass production of single-coil and double-coil hoist electric valves of German Blain design, for elevators and hydraulic lifts, in addition to meeting the needs of domestic consumers in providing elevator start-up valves, by employing simple labor and Specialists and technicians take a step in the production and economic cycle and create and provide employment opportunities in the country.

Lift valve manufacturers

The production of lifting valves with various uses and applications in the world has challenged reputable manufacturers, including Blain and Bucher hydraulic are reputable manufacturers in this industry. Tork Hydraulic has taken its first steps to present the national product of single-coil and double-coil lift solenoid valve to meet the needs of its compatriots and is always seeking to attract the satisfaction of its customers.

In the following, you will get acquainted with Blaine

Deputize / Lift solenoid valve

Accepting the sales representative of hydraulic lifting solenoid valves

Tork Hydraulic Manufacturer of elevator solenoid valve and hydraulic elevator in order to grant representation and conclude cooperation agreements with industry activists and experienced marketers. Those accepted will benefit from consulting services with hydraulic and pneumatic industrial experts in Tabriz, technical support, introduction on the website, participation in advertising.

Applicants for cooperation in the field of representation and marketing of one-coil and two-coil Tork hydraulic solenoid valves who are eligible can apply through social media or by sending an application form and also visiting the sales office in Tabriz to coordinate the contract.

Cooperation application form

Tork hydraulic elevator solenoid valve

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